Advisors and Mentors

Michael Barnes-Wynters

Born of Jamaican heritage, Michael is interdisciplinary artist and mischief-maker whose long-term artist collaborations broadcast at the intersections of immersive experiential film installations and provocative durational actions/ performances. His collaborative arts activities eloquently asks blunt, relevant and meaningful questions that tackle human suffrage, racism, gender exploitation, injustice, control and the hyper normalisation of humanity.

An original member of Contact Theatre’s dynamic management team and an instigator in the development of Street Art in the UK, Michael has extensive experience in successfully designing, producing, touring and delivering countless inspired cross-platform artist programmes and productions in unsanctioned sites, arts venues, virtual and public realm spaces whilst continuing to produced life-changing skills and mentoring programmes for tomorrow’s mischief makers and activists.

Michael has performed and exhibited internationally and has been commissioned by the likes of MoMA (NYC), Sonar (Barcelona), Tate Modern (London), The Barbican (London), FACT (Liverpool), Castlefield Gallery (Manchester) and Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

An Original Modern

Ruth Daniel

Daniel is an award-winning cultural producer, activist, and social entrepreneur who is CEO/ Artistic Director of In Place of War (IPOW), a Manchester-based organization working with arts, creativity, culture and entrepreneurship in places of conflict around the world; and the founder of Un-Convention which has overseen some 80 events in over 25 countries in 9 years.

IPOW’s primary objective is to guide and empower young change makers in order to enable local communities to create their own creative opportunities in the world’s most challenging environments. This is done through the creation of cultural spaces, supplying unused recording and film equipment, providing alternative education, and taking advantage of the mobility of artists in the world.

IPOW collects equipment to establish new music studios in the world’s most marginalized communities, including Nablus in the West Bank; Soweto in South Africa; and in four locations in Uganda.

IPOW is also using the funding to develop a refugee integration project, working in Lebanon, Sweden, Germany, Greece, and the UK to enhance intercultural dialogue, and to explore best practices among organizations that work around the issues faced by immigrant, and refugee communities in these countries.

Launched by Daniel in 2008, Un-Convention is a global grassroots music event and community entity that meets physically, and virtually to share ideas; discuss and debate issues around music, technology and creativity; and facilitate member’s engagement with their peers.

Ronald Fraser-Munroe

Fraser-Munroe is an interdisciplinary artist and creative producer. He has worked in performance, visual art, video, sound and installation since the mid 1980s. Fraser-Munroe's creative practice includes literature, photography, graphics and design, animation, theatre, electronic audio and digital and media art. His unique work has been presented, exhibited and distributed internationally.

Fraser-Munroe has continued public engagement with contemporary digital arts through his personal commissions, his cultural development and empowerment projects with young people, artists and groups such as the Carers Digital Art Project and heritage projects The Abolitionists and The Brixton Time Machine. Many of his works reference social, political and cultural themes and their public impact. He also challenges the mainstream and establishment creative and political systems on an ongoing basis. He also contributes to the voluntary sector.

Fraser-Munroe is founder of K3 Media (a leading innovator in digital arts and media production) and a creative consultant advocating alternative models for contemporary arts development, policy-making, production and distribution.

The K3 Media vision is to develop creativity whilst revitalising the creative industries through innovative practice. Key projects include Artificially Intelligent?, Cambridge 2018; iKAST 2012, Castlefield Gallery & FACT, Manchester 2012; BBC Freethinking Artist Residency, Liverpool & Radio 2007; iROOM, ACE & BBC, Online 2003; LSDTV! ACE & BBC, Television 1996; Stormy Waters, NVA, Glasgow 1995; contributor to The Virtual Embodied, Goldsmiths University & Routledge, 1992.

David Haley PhD HonFCIWEM

David makes art with ecology, to inquire, learn and teach. He publishes, exhibits and works internationally with ecosystems and their inhabitants, using images, poetic texts, walking and sculptural installations to generate dialogues that question climate change, species extinction, urban development and transdisciplinarity for ‘capable futures’.

He is a Visiting Professor at Zhongyuan University of Technology; Vice Chair of the CIWEM Art & Environment Network; Mentor/Advisor (founder) of Futures’ Venture Foundation; a Trustee of Chrysalis Arts Development and Barrow’s Beautiful Places; a member of the ecoart network, UK Urban Ecology Forum, the Arts Steering Group, Ramsar Cultural. He was a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Ecology In Practice Research Group, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Tony Lidington

A showman and nonsense merchant – someone John Fox once described as “a kind of retro-music hall anarchist” : he has performed in alternative, celebratory and street arts for over 35 years, in a vain attempt to change the world through creativity and the strange. He has a PhD in itinerant British performance and believes that playfulness is a means to change perspectives…

Futures Venture is part of that journey.